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Heather Perry

Posters & Prints

"A self-taught pop artist known for her vibrant fashion portraits, Heather Perry, grew up on a farm in Iowa, spending her childhood riding horses and drawing pencil portraits for her friends. Many years later, after working as a graphic designer and competitive roller derby skater, her love for portraits re-emerged in the form of animals dressed in runway fashions.

"My work is all about glamour, kitsch, and sometimes quite absurd. My biggest challenge is to decide what to paint next; I have a long list of ideas that are constantly competing for my attention," she says.

Heather's inspiration changes from time to time. Sometimes, she will see a runway look, and an animal pops into her head, as with her Highland Cow. Or a color combo will spark an idea for a new piece.

"I love following fashion blogs and magazines to see what's new, but I try not to follow seasons closely or take any trends too seriously either."





Heather Perry designs

In this category, you will find prints created by the artist Heather Perry. She is based in California and creates modern art. Animals such as tigers, leopards and giraffes dressed in suits and fashionable clothing with colourful backgrounds. These prints are perfect for the animal lover or any art lover to give your home more colour. Choose your favourite or match them with each other for a cool and modern art wall.