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Anna Brandt

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When Anna's mother passed away a few year's ago, she inherited her art supplies and started painting herself. She instantly fell in love.

"Painting is like meditating. I disconnect from the world, and all of my everyday stresses disappear. My biggest inspiration is my mother, Siv Brandt, who was an artist. I grew up watching her paint; her work is very colourful, so you could say she influenced me".

Anna describes her work as an explosion of flowers, colours, meadows and skies.

"When I see white walls, it's like a blank canvas that I want to fill with colour and chaos."

Paintings by Anna Brandt

Anna Brandt is one of our talented Featured Artists. She started to paint in 2019 and has since walked in her mother’s footsteps, becoming an artist herself. After inheriting her mother’s artist material, she wanted to try it out and got captivated instantly. She expresses her art as a ”Bombastic explosion of flowers, colours, meadows and skies”.

Nature and flowers are close to her heart and she never knows how her paintings will end up. It depends on thoughts, mood and memories. Colour is more important than the motif itself, she describes. When seeing a blank canvas she just wants to decorate it entirely with beautiful colours. Annas’ biggest inspiration in life is her mother Siv Brandt, who also painted with a lot of colours. As a child, Anna watched her mother paint and followed her to her exhibitions. Find your new favourite Anna Brandt art at Desenio!