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Sandra Poliakov

Posters & Prints

Budapest-based illustrator Sandra Poliakov expresses her thoughts and feelings through vivid still life paintings and floral patterns. She is known for her bright and colourful palettes and free-flowing lines.

“I would describe my work as colourful, happy and free,” she says.

Sandra creates her digital work on her iPad and uses acrylic paint for her paintings. She describes her creative process as quite spontaneous; even if she starts creating with a specific idea, she always starts experimenting with colours and shapes.

“Lately, my inspiration derives from the inside rather than something I’ve seen. It’s a new experience for me, and I enjoy discovering my emotions through art.”

Sandra Poliakov prints

In this category, you can find colorful art from the illustrator Sandra Poliakovs. She uses unusual color schemes in her paintings and is mostly freely playing with lines and colors. Her art reflects the emotional and visual experiences she collected when she was living and traveling around the world. We can see both botanicals, flowers, and also illustrations of human beings. Sandra Poliakovs artwork is perfect for all art lovers who love colors.