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Kids world maps prints

Posters & Prints

Let your young ones explore the world with a world map for kids in their room! Adding cute prints and posters in their room will not only make it more stylish, it might also spark their interest for learning. Let them choose their own posters and help you hang them on the wall, for a sweet moment of family time.

World map posters for kids

A world map for kids will at once make the room for your little ones feel more warm and as their own little home. Letting your kids choose their wall art is a fun activity to do together, and your kids will be proud when they get to put up “their own” poster on the wall!

Teaching your kid about the world can become a fun thing together when having a world map for kids. We have cute and fun designs in our collection that your kids can relate to. Practise and point out animals and places on the kid’s world map poster, where color and cute illustrations are in focus! Our posters are fun and easygoing, and will catch the small one’s attention with ease.

Take time together to pick out the kid’s favorite world map posters, and enjoy your quality time. Choose a matching frame in a matching color and you are all set!