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Washi tape


Here you can find washi tape in various forms. Create a playful impression by combining frames, clips and tape in a picture collage. Use washi tape as a simple and stylish way to mount your posters! Perfect for the kids’ rooms, for your mood board or work desk, or if you want to avoid making holes in the wall.


Versatile Washi Tape

Washi tape is a decorative tape with a multitude of uses, thanks to being both practical and easy to use! Washi tape attaches easily to almost any surface without damaging surfaces or the object you are taping. If you made a mistake with taping, you can easily pull it off and try again - just keep in mind that the surface underneath needs to be even.

Washi tape is the perfect solution for when you want to hang posters, but don’t want to drill holes in your wall. The washi tape attaches nicely to your poster without leaving any residue or marks should you regret the placement. We have chic varieties in various colors and patterns to decorate your posters with. Washi tape is perfect for a dorm room, kids room, or office where you can hang art that is easy to change out! The washi tape can also be used to embellish your wall with gorgeous patterns, and to personalize personal items, such as a computer, pen holder, or shelves - your imagination is the only limit! At Desenio, you can find washi tape in gold, black, and white, as well as patterned decor tape with stripes, zigzag patterns, and more. Buy washi tape for posters, decor, and other crafts, and let your creativity run wild!