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Picture ledge


A picture ledge is an ideal way to create a flexible picture wall. Simply rearrange your pictures to get a whole new look. Achieve a really stylish look by combining your pictures with some of your favourite books or magazines. Combine your favorite posters from Desenio with books or magazines you love to create a personal look with a picture ledge! 

Trendy picture ledges

Use a picture ledge to easily and beautifully display your wall art, allowing for easy rearranging when you want to update the look of your space. With no need to drill additional holes apart from those on the picture ledge, this option makes it easy to swap out your art. Our wooden picture ledges come in black, white, and oak, and are 70 cm wide and 9,5 cm deep. If you’re wanting a wider picture shelf, you can easily combine several next to each other. Mount your ledge, and then decorate with posters and prints you love. Go bold, and mix the posters on your picture ledge with photos, books, or magazines for a personal touch. Install your picture ledge in a hallway, above your bed, or in a living room to give your home a cozy and stylish vibe.

Go super chic by mounting several picture ledges underneath one another on an entire wall, on which you can mix prints, books, and photographs in various sizes and styles. For an eye-catching effect, mix accessories and wall art in different sizes and at varying levels. Why not mix picture ledges in different colors to create contrast, or stick to one color for a harmonious effect.

A picture ledge doesn’t even need to hold prints, but is also an attractive way to store cookbooks, spices, and beautiful plates. The picture ledge is also a popular option as a bookcase in a kids room. Buy one or more picture ledges, and style them to suit your home, whether that means posters, books, or other accessories - or why not a little of everything? Unfortunately we do not ship picture ledges to Canada or Australia yet.