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Studio Collections

Exclusive to Desenio: stylish art prints from our Studio Collections. Decorate your home with stylish prints that match your taste.

Exclusive photo art by Desenio

Studio Collections are photo posters exclusively by Desenio, in which our creative team visited different locations around the world and captured the characteristic traits of each place through the lens of a camera. Each location makes up a separate collection with a number of photographs featuring characteristic architecture, skyscrapers, beautiful nature, and snapshots that are unique to that city.

Decorate with unique posters from cities such as Stockholm, Miami, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. Eternalized in Studio Stockholm are muted pink building facades, narrow alleys, and cobblestones - both in color and black & white. Continuing on to Miami, and we find designs with bubblegum pink buildings in art deco style, and turquoise skies that are sure to liven up any space. Bring home Californian sunsets, gorgeous palms, and beautiful retro-feel boardwalks with our Los Angeles Collection.

Studio Collections is a tribute to various beloved locations around the world that have been immortalized in the form of photographs for you to decorate with. Bring home a piece of your favorite place.