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Black and white gallery walls

Find inspo for black and white decor with our stylish gallery walls in black and white. Decorate with illustrations, photographs, and graphical art in sleek grayscale. Click on photos to shop your favorites!

Inspiration - Black and white decor

Black and white is time-tested color combo! A monochromatic decor in black and white doesn’t need to feel dull or colorless - quite the opposite, actually. Black and white details can lend a sophisticated feel to the home, and is the perfect way to contrast a colorful wall and create balance. Black and white pairs nicely with any other color, and is therefore a sure winner, so when in doubt, go black and white!

Scroll through our inspiring gallery walls featuring both contrasting black and white posters, and softer, grayscale prints. Trendy monochromatic or black and white classics - we have black and white gallery walls for everyone!