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Light wood frames

Picture frames

Give your gallery wall some love with these beautiful frames! Our high-quality light wood picture frames can be opened easily from the back so you can insert your print for a sleek finish.

Light wood frames for wall art

Decorate your walls with these light wood frames for a Scandinavian feel! These frames come in sizes 13x18, 21x30, 30x40, 40x50, 50x50, 50x70 and 70x100. The frames are made of Hard maple wood and come in a narrow and classic profile. The frame glass is made of transparent plexiglass, which make the frames both shatterproof and lightweight. A light wood frame is an elegant choice for framing posters or photographs, and looks stylish with any design. For ideas on how to match light wood frames with different designs and frames in other colors, read more here.

A light wood frame is a classic and timeless choice that suits any home, no matter the decor or style. They come in various sizes so you can match the frame according to your needs and preferences. The small frames work well with photos and other small art designs. Do you want your design to be the centre of attention? If you add a mount, you can select a larger frame. Use a white or black mount based on your design – the light wood frame looks stylish with all colors.

Top tip! Light wood frames look great mixed with black and white wood frames. Combine different kinds of frames to create a trendy but warm feel. With posters and frames from Desenio you can easily create a stylish gallery wall!