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A photo collection by Desenio

Lose yourself in the moment, immerse yourself in the now.

Embrace your free spirit - Welcome to Studio Azur

Highlighting the free spirit and the beauty of self care is the whole meaning of Studio Azur, a photo collection exclusively brought to you by Desenio Design Studio! This beautiful collection of photo art offer prints in soft and tranquil hues of beige, turquoise and pearly pinks. Join us as we travel to Mexico and explore a secluded place where you can connect with your inner self.

Trying to live in the moment might be challenging in the world we live in, but we truly believe that wall art gives you the tools in order to create an empathetic home where you as a free spirit can appreciate life. By adding a few prints in soft pastel hues your home will become a place for you to wind down and gather new strength. We want to highlight the importance of self care and feel connected to the now.

As this photo collection features both abstract photo art and nature prints there's something for every style, and you can with ease transform your home with prints from this collection. Welcome to the world of free spirits. Welcome, to Studio Azur.