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Living room inspiration

Decorate your living room’s walls with a modern gallery wall. Be inspired by our different poster combinations that are perfect for both small and large living rooms. Update your living room - click on your favorites to shop!

Inspiration - living room decor

Find inspiration and decor tips for how to fill your living room’s large walls with wall art and wall accessories. The living room is usually the largest room in the home, and the spacious walls are perfect for creating a striking gallery wall. We recommend mixing posters in different sizes and formats to create a gallery wall that feels energetic and mirrors your personality.

If you’re looking for a more clean-lined look in the living room, one or two large prints may be all you need to fill up the empty spaces and put the main focus on the chosen motifs. Share who you are through the art on your walls. The surfaces in a living room open up endless opportunities - design your gallery wall from floor to ceiling, in a corner, or around a piece of furniture - find inspiration in our Inspiration photos!