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Empowering art for International Women's Day

This Women’s Week, we are celebrating artistic expression as a form of empowerment and freedom. We have collaborated with five talented artists to create The Women's Week Collection.

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Kit Agar

"I would describe my art as ethereal and feminine, but I don’t like to define femininity as anything specific: I don’t want to put limitations on what femininity ought to be."

Making art for myself first

I’m an artist from the UK, currently based in Belgium. I’ve always been interested in art. As a shy kid, I gravitated towards arts and crafts so I could escape into my own little world.​

All of the art I make is for me - if nobody was looking, I would still be making the same work. In that sense, my art is very reflective. I like to let my art live as it is.

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Reyna Noriega

"I found my art style around the same time that I found myself. There was a shift from creating for other people to creating for myself, and that ended up serving people more, because it was more authentic."

Celebrating women at our most free​

I'm a visual artist and author from Miami. The things that bring me happiness are the same things that give me inspiration. My culture and my environment is a huge source of inspiration.

I wanted to create art that would be uplifting for women and that would celebrate us at our best, our most free, and our most confident. In the variety of skin tones and hair styles that I depict, I hope that every woman can see themselves.

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Maxime Rokus

"For me, women are beautiful and powerful creatures, so I was naturally drawn to use the female form for my art."

Using digital tools to make art​

I'm Maxime, an artist based in Amsterdam. I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember, but I decided to study graphic design. This didn't influence my art, but it did introduce me to the possibilities of using digital tools.

The process of creating art for me begins with photoshop. I try different layers and colours to decide what looks beautiful, and then when I find something I like, I start creating with my Ipad!

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Marta Leyva

"Appreciation for my city and my culture is something that has grown now that I live abroad. I started giving more importance to the traditions and culture. In 2017 I picked up a paintbrush for the first time, and I fell in love!"

Discovering my talent for painting by accident​

I'm from Barcelona, but I've been based in Stockholm for 10 years. In 2017 I picked up a paintbrush for the first time, and I fell in love! 6 months later my first exhibition took place, which was a huge success! Through this I’ve learned that one’s life can change for the better overnight.​

My advice to everyone is to follow your passions and try new things. If you like something, you should not doubt yourself and just go for it!

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Sara Abramson

"My art is all about being yourself. I believe that every woman should be able to rule their own world by listening to themselves and knowing that the answers are always within them.​"

Depicting both strength and vulnerability​

The messages I write on my artworks are signs of where I am in my life. There was a period when I was painting phrases like “what do you want?” or “what are you waiting for?” - this was around the time I quit my career in telecoms to start to follow my passions and take up painting.

The women in my paintings are both strong and vulnerable: they are often looking downwards, making eye contact with the viewer, but they also usually have their necks exposed. They are communicating their vulnerability, but also that they have made a decision on how to live their lives.